What's wrong with democracy?

People are turning away from democracy because it's unrepresentative, unresponsive, and unfair. Representative samples of randomly selected people would solve these problems

Parliaments and congress should reflect the diversity of the population. They don't.

Old, white, rich, men are over-represented. Men in positions of power do not share the world views and values of other sexes and minorities. How could they?

You cannot trust a system that claims to understand you, but isn't capable of doing so.

We can do better! Democracy by sortition would fill our parliaments with a representative sample of the population, selected at random from ordinary citizens. The country in miniature. Everyone automatically represented by default.

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Governments should respond to the needs and wants of all their citizens. They don't.

Small, but powerful, groups set the agenda. Often aided and abetted by vested interests in industry and media. Their priorities are not your priorities.

You cannot trust a system that claims to know what is best for you, without actually asking.

We can do better! Sortition means every representative is free to propose, debate, and prioritise issues that are important to them.

Multi-body sortition specifically creates special bodies, separate from the government, which do nothing but determine the topics for legislation.

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Anyone should be able to serve in politics if they are willing and able to do so. They can't.

The barriers to entry are too high. Political parties. Fund-raising. Campaigning. Winner-takes-all elections. Standing for, and obtaining, political office is difficult, expensive, and time consuming.

The people in power also set the rules for themselves. The players are also the referees. Behaviour is abysmal and the culture is toxic.

We can do better! Sortition means the only barrier to making a difference is putting your hand up. Randomly selecting people is quick, easy, and cheap.

Multi-body sortition specifically creates special oversight bodies that are separate from the government for impartially setting the rules and overseeing political culture and behaviour.

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Do democracy better

Enough doom and gloom. Let’s fix politics with sortition. We’re already using it, we just need more.